Plant B*tch Yoga & Crystal Geode


Saturday 4/27 | Time: 1-2:30PM | Cost: $35

Manifest your intentions through grounding down and connecting with the earth. Plant Bitch LA is a local business that uses plants and their energy to heal and take back your power. At this event we will work with the energy of crystals and the healing properties of plants to manifest our intentions. 

We will start by choosing a geode and air plant of your choice based on the selection provided by Plant Bitch LA. From there we will water our plants, set a purpose for growth, meditate and charge our crystals with healing energy. 

We will do a light, heart opening, moving meditation and yoga flow to follow so wear what you feel comfortable in to move!

As you care for your plant in the coming months and begin to see it grow you will see your intention manifest and come to fruition. A visual reminder of nurturing and growing your goals will stay at the forefront of your mind, from there the possibilities for growth are endless. 

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Aryana Gathings is a long time yoga practitioner and instructor. She specializes in breath work, power and yin yoga. Her business Plant Bitch LA was created in 2018. The mission of the business is to empower women by delegitimizing derogatory language by reclaiming it. She hopes to spread her message through her plants driving the mission with awareness, energy and intention. She has combined these two passions to help others find their true north. 

Self-Care Sunday Workshop


Sunday 4/28 |Time: 5-7PM | Cost: $25

Join us this Sunday for our new monthly workshop in collaboration with the Conscious Craft which is now Conscious Energy will be hosting regular events to help you tap into your future self, dissolve limiting beliefs and gain your power back 

This Sunday is the first of our monthly Self Care Sunday workshop. We'll be doing meditations guiding us to quantum jump into our future selves, journaling, and various self care routines that you can add into your life. 

Limited Spots, Reserve your ticket now here  

Mommy & Me Essential Oil Class


Saturday 5/4 | Time: 1-3PM | Cost: $20

Learn about the magical benefits of essential oils geared towards new moms, soon to be moms or if you are a mom and looking for natural ways to support your child / children with essential oils. Included in this class is 2 custom essential oil blends that you can make that day and take home for immediate use. 

Limited spots, reserve your ticket today here. 

Healing Sounds


Sunday 5/5 | Time: 5:30-7:30PM | Cost: $25

Healing Sounds is an interactive workshop that will include guided mediation, group vocal work, intention setting, affirmations, and sound healing.  Co-facilitated by Noor Singh and Maestro DeSean, you can expect a beautiful journey through a soulful sound bath and inspirational vocal experience.

Limited Tickets, get your ticket now.  

Facilitator Bios:

Noor Singh brings knowledge of the healing arts of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & the Gong.  His humor, laughter, and fun makes your experience one of delight.  He enjoys passing on the ancient teachings and how they apply in today's world. The intention is to integrate yoga, meditation and therapeutic sound into your being.

Maestro DeSean is a vocal coach, singer, and songwriter with a background in gospel, r&b, jazz, sacred and inspirational music.  He creates a communal voice with the participants by using methods like call and response, group singing/chanting, and traditional & intuitive vocal techniques.  His intention is to create a space of therapeutic and joyous healing through music.