Energy Haus Healer Network

Now Offering More Types of Healing

The Energy Haus Collective was created to provide additional healing services and modalities to the Long Beach area. If you have any questions about these offerings please feel free to contact 


Conscious Energy Services


Hannah specializes in meditation - neuro linguistic programming - neuroscience - diet - plant medicine


Sara specializes in Energy Healing - Essential Oils - Crystals - Aura Reading - Soul Purpose / Past Life Regression 


Alyssa specializes in meditation - neuro linguistic programming - neuroscience - diet - plant medicine

The Conscious Craft has joined forces with Energy Haus to bring you all of your wellness needs. We offer workshops, 1 on 1 services and community events to renew, restore and align your mind, body, and soul. Reiki, crystal healing, holistic health coaching, meditation journey’s, and powerful inner healing are offered.

I AM HEALTHY (2 Hours)

 Activate your mind and body through food, movement mindset techniques and reiki healing. Are you feeling blocks around your health? Health issues such as pain, weight gain, fatigue, skin issues, or insomnia are all messages from the body that something is out of alignment. The body always lets you know when something needs re-calibration, when we begin to pay attention to the messages and treat them as such, we’re able to find a healthier body and mind. 

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I AM CALM (2 Hours)

A package designed to bring the nervous system back into homeostasis, calming your mind and body, and discovering tools to keep it there. Great for people suffering from stress and anxiety, this protocol will heal parts of you that are holding tension and give you action steps to keep your stress at bay.your nervous system back into homeostasis. 

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Become a magnetic match for abundance and prosperity. Money is simply energy, so when we clear blocks and become crystal clear of our path, prosperity flows with ease. Clear your energy of any blocks and limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. This program is designed to unlock your hidden potential, realign your energy and activate your soul purpose.  

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I AM LOVE (2 Hours)

Harness the power of self love to attract more love into your life. A program curated and designed to open you up to give and receive love with ease. Heal old wounds and remove anything blocking you from passion, grace, love, and balanced emotions. 

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If you need a custom offering or a different date or time please contact 

Conscious Energy Upcoming Events

Goddess Dinner Experience


Coming July 21st 2019,  Details to be posted soon

Self-Care Sunday


Coming soon 

Paint with Your 3rd Eye


Coming soon 

Our psychic reading sessions leveraging Tarot & Oracle Cards along with Intuition will provide you with the spiritual insight and guidance you need to create the life that excites you. Shift your way of thinking. Ditch the passive approach to living. Be guided by purposeful momentum. 

15 Minute Reading ($60) with One Reader

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30 Minute Reading ($105) with One Reader

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45 Minute Reading ($150) with One Reader

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1 Hour Reading ($195) with One Reader

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Meet The Readers



”I love what I do and I believe my passion for the spiritual world puts my clients’ fears to rest. I read for them because I want to help clients rediscover their personal power. I share my psychic ability to inspire change, growth and healing.”



”It is my passion and my purpose to bring healing and clarity to all who seek it. My super power is my intuition and with that I help myself and others.”



”We are entitled to emotional healing, peace & joy — most of us need support getting there. I love the way psychic readings empower us to discover our own self healing and intuitive power, illuminating the path to becoming our best selves as soon as possible.”