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The Energy Haus Collective was created to provide additional healing services and modalities to the Long Beach area. If you have any questions about these offerings please feel free to contact 


The Astrology Office

Meet Silvia

Hello, my name is Silvia and I have been practicing astrology since 1999. It was at first a solo study, but since 2014, I have put my energy out there to give private astrology readings and host public astrology workshops in yoga studios, teashops, and at healing retreats. Teaching people about their natal chart, is giving them an extra tool for self healing. This is what feeds my soul.

I am constantly learning, teaching and sharing. I grew up extremely sensitive to changes in energy and always knew when big changes were about to happen.  My intuition is powerful, so when I discovered astrology, I also discovered a way to understand and explain what was happening energetically to me and around me. 

On top of astrology, I am also experienced in lucid dreaming, astral projection, guided meditation, and visualization for manifestation. Astrology though, is my number one language I use to communicate with the universe to guide me with more clarity and help others. I am thankful to be in Long Beach, CA and am honored to give you an astrology reading for your journey through life.


Custom Birth Chart Reading | 30 Mins | $75

Know your natal chart for greater self empowerment. The positions and aspects to all prominent points in 

your natal chart will be explained to you.  Your birth chart contains important messages for navigating your journey through life. Knowing your birth chart is the best first step in manifesting more consciously the life that is best for you.


Current Transit Reading | Personalized Horoscope: $75 | 30 Minutes

This is your personalized horoscope.  The recent and current planets are in a unique position to your personal natal chart. Find out what planetary transits you are going through, what type of energies are most active, how long these transits last, and some ways to work most beneficially with them. It is recommended to have your birth-chart reading first if you have not had one yet. 

Solar Return Reading | The Birthday Reading | 30 Minutes

Your birthday is your personal new year. The exact time of your solar return is calculated and a chart is drawn that shows the themes to expect to play out and manifest for you this year. Receive your solar return chart to take with you. Plus your Solar forecast report for the year.

Synastry Reading | 30 Minutes

This reading is for comparing 2 people's compatibility between each other. Learn what tightest aspects brought you together, how you affect one another positively and unconsciously. Explore your strengths and challenges that are shown in your charts. Knowing your synastry creates a more conscious connection to each other. It is recommended to have your own birth-chart reading first if you have not had one yet.

Walk-in Readings | $5 | Per 5 Minutes +

All questions you have about yourself or life or anything at all can be investigated through my astrological insight.  Find out what the planets are up to, what is going on astrologically and it is affecting you. This is perfect for the curious, but it is suggested that more serious inquires book the private readings in advance.

If you need a custom offering or a different date or time please contact